Writing A Good Research Paper In 8 Simple Steps

Research is a necessary part of the learning process for a student. It is anticipated that students brace themselves for life by learning how to approach information and how to use it comfortably and efficiently. Apparently, most students fear doing research. The most excellent way to overcome this anxiety is by getting to know how the research mechanism works, how to arrange and examine your information need, where to find and assess information, how to archive your research. Below are steps in researching and writing a research paper.

  • Choose your topic
  • Think about what you have been reading and talking about in your class. Picking a topic that interests you will be a good idea because you will have to spend a lot of time on it. Affirm your topic as a question. Think about different facets of your topic and choose one that is not too wide or too narrow. If the topic is too wide, you will be overpowered by the amount of material you find.

    If your topic is too narrow, you will be disappointed by the little amount of material that is accessible. Be pliable with your topic and bear in mind that you might have to revise or alter it even after you have started doing the research.

  • Find books on your topic
  • Look for books on a topic, rather looking for a specific book whose author or title you know. Write down the title and author’s name, the location and call number for every book you are looking for.

  • Refine your topic
  • After finding some background facts, you can polish your wide research topic into a narrower, focused topic. The faster you cultivate a broad subject into a centralized topic, the sooner you will shape your research into an end product.

  • Start taking notes
  • After collecting your materials and have set up a working plan, then you can start taking notes. Be sure to write the note in your own words by using unequivocal quotes. Make sure you do the final outline and it should give back the bureaucratic format you have selected for your paper.

  • Write the final draft
  • You should type the final draft of your paper and you must include the excerpts and a bibiliography. You have finished writing your research paper and you want to hand it in. Before doing so, make sure that you proofread it two to three times just to be on the safe side.

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