A List Of 12 Good Research Paper Topics For 7th Graders

A good research paper starts with a nice interesting topic. Below, you will find a list of interesting ideas that will certainly attract your attention.

What Are Good 7th Grade Topics?

The specifics of research paper topics for 7th graders is in the fact that they are meant for teenagers who still have a teenage image of the world. They should not be given too complicated topics, but it’s very important to make them interested, eager to research a subject, explore it and find something exciting about it.

There are many online resources that offer topic ideas for this age. Apart from websites with lists of topics, there are special topic generators that can provide you with a number of interesting topic ideas easily and for free. With their help, you can both use the suggested ideas and develop inspiration for your own ones.

  1. Should teachers also wear some school uniform if children do?
  2. What’s the role of computers and technologies in our life? Have they replaced many things that people used to do with their own hands?
  3. Would it be good if people were allowed to do everything they wanted?
  4. Should boys be taught separately from girls? Is it better for children to study in schools with children of the same gender only?
  5. Do you think that women should become presidents of companies or countries more often? Are men better candidates for such posts?
  6. Would it be good if children were allowed to cheat, using their smartphones? Would it be correct if you were allowed to look the answers up when your teacher asked you a question?
  7. Should teachers also receive grades for their work? Would it be good if students were allowed to grade their teachers as the latter do with students?
  8. Is it possible to save the planet by stopping to cut away forests? Would the ozone holes heal if we saved forests?
  9. Is it clever to spend a lot of money on exploring space while there are so many problems on the Earth? Isn’t it better to give food and water to everybody who lacks it?
  10. Should animals be used to test cosmetic and medical products before they reach people?
  11. Should children with special needs like autism-sufferers, etc. study in the same classes with other children?
  12. Is it safe to allow children who are AIDS positive to study with children who have no such status?

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