Writing an APA Research Paper on Criminal Justice 

If you should write an APA research paper on criminal justice, don’t get frustrated. As soon as you know key requirements to academic writing of this level and understand your teacher’s expectations, it won’t be a problem to craft a decent APA style paper on any topic in criminal justice and criminology. Make use of the following tips to accomplish the task:

  • Remember basic requirements.
  • Research papers in APA format are impersonal, both in content and style. Don’t provide any personal information in your paper. This is where you should focus on your hypothesis, describe the methods you applied to prove it, and analyze your findings.

  • Consider your instructor’s requirements.
  • Read the assignment details carefully. You’ll be provided with all necessary information to succeed. Namely, you will receive exact guidelines on how long your paper is supposed to be and what formatting details should be applied.

  • Show interest.
  • Being impersonal doesn’t mean showing no interest in the research question. If you are encouraged to pick what to write about on your own, take the topic you are passionate about. For example, lots of marvelous ideas can be borrowed in the following intersections of criminal justice: crime and citizenship, crime and education, crime and mental health, crime and ethnicity, etc.

  • Follow the specific requirements of writing in APA style.
    • Do not write in the first person.
    • Write in past tense.
    • Do not use contractions.
    • Use appropriate terms. If your criminal justice topic is connected with any current issues, apply relevant and up-to-date terms to express your thoughts.
    • Avoid using figurative language. Give preference to plain and simple language in your piece of writing.
  • Cite the sources.
  • In APA format, you should use parentheses to cite your sources. Try to paraphrase whenever it is possible and avoid using direct quotations. Refer to the APA publication manual for all details on how to format your citations and quotes correctly.

  • Follow the standard structure.
  • Your APA style paper on criminal justice should consist of the following standard sections: a title page, abstract, introduction, method, results, discussion, references, and tables and graphs.

  • Refer to good research papers in the field.
  • Try to find several papers by other students on the similar topics as yours and use them as models for your own piece. You will be able to use any of them as a proper APA formatted template. Moreover, the references in these samples will prompt you on credible sources that can successfully be used for own paper on criminal justice.

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