Writing A First-Year University Research Paper With Ease

Writing a research paper for the first time by university students can be thrilling. However, many consider it challenging for fear of scoring low grades. With a few guidelines, though, you can work your steps quickly and easily and find it appealing. Here's how:

  1. Understand the type of research paper:  Different types require different manner of presentation of ideas, from argumentative to analytical types of papers. Argumentative types require the writer to take a tough stance and inform a reader about issues in question while persuading them to support the assumed stance. An analytical write up seeks to analyze some selected piece of work or topic in relation to a certain presumed position but have no intention to convince the reader that the position so taken is correct.
  2. Come up with a clear topic: Argumentative and analytical essays require selecting a debatable or controversial topic. The topic must then address issues that are to be investigated. Clear topics lets the reader see that you understand what is about to be discussed. Do not confuse the reader by discussing different issues in the content after the topic. You can seek approvals about a topic from your lecturer.
  3. Make sure to select a narrow topic: One way of ensuring that you do not make the writing difficult is having a narrower title. Specific titles seek to answer only a single major question in an area of study, for instance, is spanking pupils at school right? You will save time and energy because there is no need of discussing many theories and models - just select those that relate to your specific topics.
  5. Make sure to like the topic: Do not go for a title you have no interest in or one you don't find appealing. Staying focused and motivated in writing is a factor of your liking of the topic.

Finally, planning on how to accomplish the work is important. Many students find it difficult to complete their assignments for failure of planning. Planning let's you see how much time is needed, and what to avoid/include in the write up. One way of doing this is coming up with an outline.

Planning also helps keep you organized and helps you discover ways through which the work can be improved, for instance by seeking help from your professors about some unclear issues.

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