Where Do I Get A Sample Cover Page For An APA Research Paper?

The American Psychological Association style and formatting guide holds very specific rules for properly creating a cover page for a research paper that is different from other guides. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these rules by picking up an APA guide, but it would be even more helpful to get your hands on a sample you can keep for reference. Here are the best suggestions for finding a reliable sample cover page:

Purchase One from a Professional Writing Company

The most popular choice today is also probably the most convenient: purchasing a sample from a professional writing company. You have several companies to choose from online, but know that they aren’t all quite the same in the ways they conduct business. Conduct a little background research to ensure the company you consider has a positive history in providing quality work that is done correctly. You can always search for online reviews to get you started in the right direction.

Get One Created from Scratch from a Freelance Writer

If you’re okay with spending a little extra cash to have your cover page custom made, then you should consider hiring a freelance writer. Make sure the person you hire as ample experience in creating documents in APA. Ask to review credentials and aim to hire someone with at least a graduate degree in an APA field. The freelancer’s expertise should be the most important factor in making your decision.

Visiting the University Library and Browsing the Journals

Another great place where you can find well-written APA documents is the university library. The library houses dozens of journal titles and keeps archived copies of thousands of issues going back several years. Talk to the reference librarian to get a few journal titles related to your field and check out the formatting for the articles printed within. These are the most accurate examples you will find anywhere and should be all you need to create a great cover page of your own.

Reaching Out to the Online Community to Get a Copy

Finally, it’s good for you to familiarize yourself with as many resources as possible in order to find success academically. A great option for finding examples of any type of assignment is the online community. There are a number of dedicated chatrooms or discussion forums where you can post a request to get a copy of an APA cover page.

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