Picking A Correct Research Paper Writing Format

Choosing the right writing format or style for your research paper is extremely important. There are many different types and each one specifies the structure of your paper and the way in which the material will be cited. Here are some tips on how to select an appropriate style.

First of all, follow your teacher’s instructions. Usually teachers indicate the format in which all assignments should be done in the syllabus. However, they often have different requirements for different papers or even demand a particular style in a particular class. So make sure you have a clear understanding of what you’re supposed to do.

Sometimes you’re offered to choose from a couple of options but frequently you have to decide on your own which one will be better for your project. There are three major formats:

  • MLA.
  • The Modern Language Association (MLA) style is generally recommended for academic writing. It’s usually used in the humanities by scholars and professional writers. According to its specifications, your first page should contain your name, the instructor’s name, the course name or number, and the date in the upper left corner. Center your title underneath and start writing below it. The body isn’t subdivided into separate sections; however, you can use any headings and subheadings. Citation takes place throughout the text by indicating the author’s name. The reference page is called “Works Cited”. You can find the details of this formatting in the MLA manual.

  • APA.
  • Use the American Psychological Association (APA) method if you’re going to present the results of your research. It employs an extensive use of headings to make it easier for your readers to understand the information. It’s typical for works in the social sciences. The first page is the title page. For this style, citing the date of the author’s work is high priority. The reference page is called “References”. There are a lot of requirements for organizing this page, as well as for writing the section headings and subheadings; they can be found in the most recent APA manual.

  • CMS.
  • The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) is based on the use of footnotes throughout the text. It’s typical for history disciplines because it’s more convenient for the readers to see on the samepage the source of the presented information. A particular line or paragraph that introduces a certain statement is numbered in the text, and the footnote decodes the number by giving the source from which the statement was taken. This type of formatting is preferred by many students because footnotes take up a lot of space on every page.

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