Basic Tips For Writing A Research Paper Outline In Physics Without Effort

So, you have to create a research paper in a Physics topic, right? In that case, may the force be with you, dear reader. You are about to start such an amazing journey were you able to complete it; you will surely discover some new facts about the Universe itself. Now, let's see how you can ease this titanic task with some tips.

  1. Read about the topic: papers, posts, etc. First of all, you will need to submerge in the literature regarding the topic you are addressing. In order to do so, you count on quite a few alternatives, such as online paper archives, social networks and so on. Nowadays, Physics is out there, you just need to dedicate time to the search in order to learn about the matter you are studying.
  2. Identify the relevant information for the problem. Once you understand the basics about the problem, you will be able to list the relevant factors that influence the possible solution(s). Physics is all about reducing a complex problem to a set of parameters which you will manipulate so as to reach a reasonable answer to the situation. Sometimes, an analytic solution may not be possible or could be too hard to find. In such cases, an approximate solution is preferred although it is not complete.
  3. Pick an approach to the solution(s). Once you are satisfied with a certain approach, you will be able to work on that direction. For instance, let's say you need only an argument. Or you could require some calculations. It depends on the requirements for your paper but most of the time calculations are the base of any arguments in Physics so watch out for the equations!
  4. Evaluate your solution(s) and propose how to improve the results. When you have the equation(s) that solves the problem, it is much easier to discuss any consequence arising from that mathematical expression. Analyze how you (or another person) could get more accurate results.
  5. Avoid any topic you don't fully understand as much as possible. This is the golden rule in Physics! Yes, talking about black holes and dark matter is always attractive but do you really want to mess with those? Wise choice.

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