The High School Research Paper Layout: 5 Things To Consider

Writing a good layout for your high school research paper provides a perfect guide when time comes to compile your work. For a layout to work for you, it must be prepared in a professional manner. This requires you to consider the following:-

  1. Type of essay you are writing
  2. Different types of academic papers follow unique instructions when developing layouts. An argumentative essay may require a single column while an essay on comparison and contrast requires multiple columns. This calls for understanding of the instructions given by the teacher. The content of your layout will also change depending on the expected length. The expected content also affects the supporting points provided as part of the body of your coursework.
  3. Content
  4. It is the title of the assignment will determine the content. Some have few points that need extensive support while other papers have many points that do not require to be supported extensively. This creates a huge difference that sets papers apart. Each layout must indicate what goes into the introduction, body and conclusion. Reference materials must also be included as part of the outline.
  5. Unique demands by your teacher
  6. While there is a standard layout for research papers, teachers provide unique instructions depending on the demands of the subject. When drawing your layout, remember to factor these instructions. In most cases, the instructions given by the teacher affect the organization of ideas and the length of your assignment. Failure to adhere to these instructions will lead to heavy penalties.
  7. Length
  8. Teachers will always give the expected length of each piece of work. The length is usually given in paragraphs or in number of pages. It is upon you to find a balance between the points available and the expected length. To achieve this, you might have to merge some points or split others. This will be reflected on the layout you develop for your assignment.
  9. Personal input
  10. While all class work should follow a uniform format, there is the need to show your input. This is what differentiates your work from the others in the class. The differentiating factor could be in terms of multiple points or better organization as long as you do not go beyond the stipulated standards.

The layout you create for your essay will affect your final results. Follow the instructions provided and use samples as well as templates to ensure that you create the best layout for your work. Consult your teacher in case you experience difficulty developing a layout.

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