Compositional Ideas For Your Research Paper About Body Language

Writing a research paper about body language is a very useful experience. When doing the task, you’ll improve your understanding of how people communicate without words and learn lots of interesting tricks in the field. However, it’s not only about learning something but also about getting relevant information to your reader in a well-organized piece of writing.

Parts of Your Research Paper

As any other academic project, your paper on body language should consist of three main parts:

  • Introduction.
  • This is where you should catch the reader’s attention, provide some background information on the topic, and provide your thesis statement.

  • Body.
  • The body of your paper will include several paragraphs, each covering one specific point in support of your thesis.

  • Conclusion.
  • Summarize your ideas and reinforce your thesis in the final part of your work.

    Interesting Compositional Ideas to Choose From

    • Gender differences.
    • Start your paper with an interesting fact, mentioning that men and women use different body signs. Provide some information on the research done and lead to your thesis. It may focus on the causes and effects of the phenomenon. In the subsequent paragraphs, explain why such differences occur and how they influence gender roles.

    • Children’s body language.
    • In the introduction, state that children are born with certain body language traits or disagree with the inherent nature of children’s body signs. Prove your point in the body of your paper.

    • Body language in the workplace.
    • Investigate how employers and employees use body language in the same workplace. Hint at the results of your study in the thesis and share your findings in the main part of your work.

    • Cultural differences.
    • Are there any differences in the body language of the representatives of different cultures? Whatever the answer is, state it in the introduction and prove your ideas with corresponding evidence in the body of your paper.

    • Development of body language in the course of years.
    • Explore if a person’s body language changes when he or she gets older. Synthesize your findings in the thesis statement and explain them in details in the following paragraphs.

    • Universal features.
    • Use your introductory paragraph to state that some features are universal for the body language of different people. Inform what they are and share your observations on the reasons for this phenomenon in the main paragraphs of your paper.

    • Teachers’ body language.
    • What body language do successful teachers use? What else can they do to lead the class effectively? Research the issue in all possible sources, state your basic point in the thesis, and prove it with relevant data in subsequent paragraphs.

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