How To Make Your Research Paper Interesting In 7 Simple Steps

It is paper writing time, and you’ve made the decision to do the best writing you’ve ever done. That’s great! If you are looking for the best possible ways to give life, excitement and zing to your research paper, you’ve come to the right place. In the 7 easy steps that follow, you will learn how to write a fantastic research paper that will capture the interest of your readers.

  1. Choose a fabulous topic. Even if you are assigned a topic, you can still bring uniqueness and flair to it. Choose a slant you are passionate about. Think like yourself and not somebody else.
  2. Create a strong thesis. This is the pivotal statement your entire research and writing will be grounded on. This is a statement that signifies your intent. What are you going to prove or demonstrate in your paper? What’s the point or purpose of your paper? Some ideas are that you can challenge a misconception, find an unlikely connection, resurrect or defend a villain, reframe a classic in a new light such as today’s culture, technology or social structure.
  3. Consult experts. Because the internet exists, it’s much easier to reach out to people directly that we would have no way of contacting years ago. Who is the leading voice in your field? Is there a professor at a distant university who would love to respond to your questions? How about a leader in the industry who would be willing to lend you some time and give their input on your topic?
  4. Choose your audience. You are never writing solely to your professor. Write your paper as if you are explaining something to a friend or someone you don’t know. Pretend your work will be featured in a leading magazine. Keep your audience in mind as you write.
  5. Write freely with no constraints. Don’t worry about any kind of errors as you write. If you are stopping to proofread your work all the time you won’t get your ideas and information out as effectively.
  6. Take all your main ideas and organize them into an outline, with the supplementary ideas being the supporting statements for each paragraph. Working from an outline will keep you on track and help you not to lose your readers’ interest.
  7. Editing and proofreading are perhaps the most important final step. Readers lose interest quickly when they are constantly stumbling over spelling and grammar errors. Make sure your research paper is sparkling clean.

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