Top 15 Strongest Topic Ideas For A Psychology Research Paper

A Psychology research paper is an interesting trajectory for many students. It demands them to be on their toes and delve deep into the human conscience in order to dissect the traits. Some of the studies are too multi-layered and therefore grounding is essential.

Here are 15 captivating research paper topics on Psychology –

  1. The deeper scar of beauty pageants – This has an effect not only on the viewers but also the participants. It requires a sensitive treatment.
  2. Jealousy between people of similar levels – This is visualized at different avenues; offices, homes, relations. The green-eyed monster has had a good time for long now.
  3. What goes in the minds of serial killers – This is the question most criminologists have been trying to find a specific answer on…with moderate results.
  4. Lack of confidence owing to physical disorders – Even with able-bodied people, there may be issues with less hair, thin hands; small breasts; the story goes on.
  5. The science behind bullying – Bullies are largely found to be victims of bad parentage. Thus, this issue enters a sensitive territory.
  6. The magnetic effect of Internet – It is so touching and knowledgeable that people of all strata get magically drawn to it. There are ill effects as well.
  7. Problem of a thin ear – There are people who believe everything said to them. Try to decipher the underlying psychology behind it all.
  8. Treatment of autistic kids – Autism is essentially a kid’s disease that can be cured with love and method. However, it leaves an indelible mark on confidence.
  9. Maternal abuse – It is sad that maternal abuse happens even as we are in the 21st century. It has a telling impact on kids as well.
  10. The soothing effect on music – Music has been found to invigorate you I many practical processes. It would be wonderful to trace its psychology.
  11. Sexual liaisons between patients and doctors – Although unethical in many developed country, it happens to be a resplendent fact. Time to trace!
  12. Treatment of geriatrics and kids – The elderly people and kids have to be kept in a different mental posture while they undergo treatment.
  13. Reasons for binge-eating – For some people, its happiness while for others, its sadness. Inscrutable are the ways of the human kind.
  14. Recovering from trauma – It takes a lot of mental strength to recover from the trauma of an accident or rape.
  15. Finding answers for racism – This is another stressful fact of today’s universe. Its high time some serious study went into it.

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