Writing An MLA Research Paper: 10 Basic Citing Rules

If you need to write a research paper that will meet the demands of the MLA style, you should have a good idea of what it is and which rules should be observed. In general, the MLA (Modern Language Association) style is used to complete works in humanities and social sciences. There are numerous handbooks that provide detailed guidance for this style. Yet, below you will also find several basic citing rules that should be necessarily kept in mind.

  1. The citing in the MLA style is done in a so-called parenthetical manner. It means that the information regarding every direct quotation that is provided in the text is given in parenthesis right after the phrase.
  2. When you provide a citation, you have two possible options when it comes to the name of the author and the page from the book. That is, the name of the author can be placed in the sentence or within the parenthesis while the page number is always located within the parenthesis.
  3. If you provide citing from a magazine or journal in your project, the MLA style dictates choosing a signal word (which is usually the author’s name) and a page number. If you choose to render the author’s name in the phrase, the parenthesis includes only the page number.
  4. If you provide corporate author’s citing, don’t hesitate to use abbreviations that will help you avoid too long phrases in parenthesis.
  5. If you render quotes from sources with unknown authors, provide them with the name of the source. Names of smaller works like articles are taken in quotation marks while bigger ones are italicized.
  6. Giving quotes of authors with the same last name in your research paper, make sure that you provide the first letters of their first or even middle names.
  7. A source with three or more authors should be quoted with all the names listed within the phrase or one name of the first author followed by etc. in the parenthesis.
  8. If you provide several quotes of the same author but from different works, render the names of these works, too. Names of short articles go well with quotation marks while titles of books are italicized.
  9. Providing quotes from different volumes of the same work, be sure to render the number of the volume and page numbers.
  10. If you give quotes from the Internet, provide links to these quotes in a short format that involves only the domain name.

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